K-STAGE featuring a runway stage and a special Wonder Stage

A must-visit place if you wish to become a K-WONDER STARS.

You can experience a runway stage and a spectacular Wonder Stage at K-STAGE.
Show off your K-Style as you walk on the runway!
And how about becoming a Wonder Star yourself by taking the stage test at Wonder Stage?

Runway Stage

You can decorate your runway space using special stage and lighting effects!
How about walking on the runway and filming your own UGC (User-Generated Content)?

Wonder Stage

Wonder Stage is an exclusive stage only found at K-WONDERLAND!
Take the stage test at Wonder Stage to get one step closer to becoming a WONDER STARS!

Backstage and Practice Room

Checking your hairstyle and makeup backstage before going up on the runway is a must-do!
You can practice with WONDER STARS in the practice room.