K-WONDERLAND’s New Slogan Voting Event!

Vote for the new slogan of K-WONDERLAND!

Participate by exploring K-WONDERLAND during the event period and voting on the slogan of your best choice!
① Shine with K ② Play with K ③ Whatever you dream

Event period
June 09.(Fri) – 19.(Mon)
Announcement of winners
June 23.(Fri), 2023
How to participate

1. Choose the slogan that goes best with K-WONDERLAND
2. Register as a K-WONDERLAND crew
3. Vote after registering as a crew
4. Leave the slogan of your choice in the comments section!

20 participants who voted on the winning slogan will be selected from a draw and rewarded 770 ZEM each!

※ The event period is subject to change, and the selfies sent by the event participants will be posted on the official website of K-WONDERLAND.