K-WONDERLAND 2023 Review Event

How will K-WONDERLAND transform itself?!

K-WONDERLAND will be coming out newly transformed!
What kind of world are you expecting? Find the teaser video on our official account and
tell us your one-sentence review of any expectations!

Event period
July 14.(Fri) – 24.(Mon)
Announcement of winners
July 28.(Fri), 2023
How to participate

1. Watch the updated teaser video on our official account
2. Visit the K-WONDERLAND Zepeto world
3. Leave your one-sentence review!
4. Upload a proof picture with the required hashtags and the world tagged
5. Register as an official crew of K-WONDERTEENS!

50 participants will be selected from a draw and rewarded 125 ZEM each

※ The event period is subject to change, and the selfies sent by the event participants will be posted on the official website of K-WONDERLAND.