Project to become a K-Star in K-WONDERLAND

The 2nd UGC Awards in ‘WHATEVER YOU DREAM’,
K-Wonderland, where your dreams come true!
Create your unique K-Content and
become a winner of a big prize!

Event period
23. 10. 13.(Fri) - 23. 11. 12.(Sun)
Announcement of winners
23. 11. 24.(Fri)
How to participate

1. K-WONDERLAND, K-STAGE, K-STUDIO, AND K-WONDER AWARDS, use at leat 1 of 4 worlds as background to create UGC
2. Application Categories - Drama, Toon, Music Video, V-log
3. includes the mandatory hashtags #2ndUGCAWARDS and #KWONDERLAND on your Zepeto feed or YouTube and
send your 'ID/Application Category/Link to post' to K-WONDERLAND offcial account

Grand Award (1 Person) 2023 LG Gram
Gold Award (1 Person) Galaxy Z Flip 5
Silver Award (2 Person) Galaxy Tab S9 128GB(Wi-Fi)
Bronze Award (6 Person) Galaxy Buds
Encouragement Award (100 Person) 125 zem

Logo download1 Logo download2 Logo download3

Symbol download1 Symbol download2

※ The event period is subject to change, and the selfies sent by the event participants will be posted on the official website of K-WONDERLAND.