Become a main character of a K-content and enjoy the famous sets of TV shows, dramas and webtoons

Would you like to recall heartwarming scenes of K-Contents?

At K-STUDIO, sets of famous K-Drama, Movie, TV show and Webtoon have been recreated.
You can find games embodying the characteristics of each space, as well as create UGC (User-Generated Content) based on each set and take on the role of a main character

Fun-Staurant (TV show)

You can discover special kinds of food by playing food-finding games while at the TV show set!

Yumi’s Cells (Webtoon)

The globally well-known webtoon “Yumi’s Cells” is at K-STUDIO!
Go find your prime cell!

Sunny (Movie)

You can experience famous scenes from the movie in person on the set of the Korean movie, “Sunny!”

The King’s Affection (Drama)

Become the main character of “The King’s Affection” at the drama set!
There are also mini games to enjoy!